BOO. Discover those five chilling types of ghosts !

Do you believe in Spirits ?

Whether you’ve already felt that unsettling sensation of not being exactly alone in a dark room or only seen ghosts depicted in books and movies, the paranormal is a fascinating world that can show how thin the veil between the world of the living and the realm of the dead can be. 

However, most people think ghosts will just move a couple objects around and maybe break a glass or two. Little did they know, there are different types of ghosts who manifest themselves in very different ways…


So, we’ve listed the five main types of spectral apparitions to help you identify what might happen in the odd chance you’d find yourself in a paranormal adventure.

Or maybe you already did ? Let us know your ghost story in the comments !

1 - The Poltergeist

The name “poltergeist” actually means “noisy ghost” because of their ability to move or knock things over, make noises and control the physical environment. While heavily featured in ghost movies, a poltergeist haunting is actually one of the rarest and most terrifying types : they are known for their dangerous and malevolent behavior that can range from slamming doors, turning lights on and off, even causing fires. Another scary aspect of a poltergeist haunting is that, if not stopped, the spirits will gain in power and intensity.

2. The Ectoplasm

Ectoplasms take the form of a swirling black, grey or white cloud several feet off the ground. They can move swiftly or stay still, sometimes starting as a mist before turning into a full-bodied apparition. They are most frequently spotted in graveyards, battlefields and historical sites. These ghostly encounters are the most susceptible to be captured on videos during ghost-hunting adventures.

3. Ghost Orbs

The legend says that orbs are the soul of a living being, human or animal, that has died and is traveling around from one place to another. Ghost orbs appear as a white or blue translucent ball of light swiftly hovering off the ground - spirits frequently take this form before becoming a full-bodied apparition. 

If you’re lucky enough to capture an orb on video, you’ll be amazed by how fast they can move : because of their speed, they are most seen in photographs. Skeptics will say that it was just a firefly or some dust on your camera lens...

4. Funnel Ghosts

Have you ever felt really cold, suddenly, for no apparent reason ? It might have been a Funnel Ghost, or “vortex”. Those ghostly apparitions manifest through creating cold spots or glacial winds. 

Paranormal experts say they’re the mark of a loved one coming back for a visit or the apparition of the past inhabitant of a building, which is why they mostly show up in old houses and historical sites.

5. The Interactive Personality

The Interactive Personality ghosts are the most common in hauntings and usually appear in a form similar to when they were alive : they can be historical figures, deceased family members or loved ones. These ghosts can walk, talk, and occasionally acknowledge the living

Experts say those spirits retain their personality, can feel emotion and are coming back to the world of the living to take care of unfinished business. So if you’ve suddenly lost a loved one, this might be your chance to tie loose ends and let them know how you feel…

What about you ?

Have you ever had a paranormal experience ? If you did, which type of ghost do you think you’ve seen ? Let us know in the comments !

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