Goths & Halloween : A Love Story ?

Spooky Season has finally started, and we’re sure you’re looking forward to binge watching your favorite horror movies, carve some pumpkins or hit the goth clubs for a well-expected halloween party. Isn’t Halloween kind of a… christmas but for Goths ? You tell us in the comments.

We’ve asked a few of our PunkRave ambassadors to describe why they love halloween so much - and to select their ideal PunkRave halloween outfits ! Let’s get inspired and share the Halloween love.

“ Each year I'm waiting for the Halloween season cause that's one of my favorite time of year. “ @dark_wolf_model

He says : 

" For me Halloween rhymes with sweet moment near the fire with hot drinks. During this time I generally love to go in forest to recharge myself of positive energy and get some delicious product from the mother nature like mushroom and chestnut to make some delicious soup. That's also for me the occasion to decorate my whole house for the kids who will come... OK for me first cause I really love that and also for the party that I organize each year with my dear friends to celebrate it untill the end of the night ^^ At this occasion I usually choose to dress me as a night creature like vampire, demon or anything else. That's the cool thing with Halloween you can choose every character you like and make a dead version or demoniac everything is possible the only limit is your own imagination. That's why I love it and that will be continued year after year ^^ "

“Do I like halloween? No: I LOVE halloween! “ @hekate_nocturnal

She says : 

"Do I like halloween? No: I LOVE halloween! Here in Italy there's no such a big culture about this event: when I was young, only few brands produced something halloween themed, so my passion started seeing things from other countries. I love spooky decorations: skeletons, bats, and more (except realistic spiders: I'm a little bit arachnophobic!!!). But more than Halloween stuff and theme, I love what we celebrate during that day: the thin veil between our existence and the unknown. Light a special bonfire, donate food and drink to otherworld visitors and celebrate our ancestors doing meditations and divination. That's why I love "Halloween"! I'd not partecipate to a halloween party with costumes, but, as my royal-vampiric style, I can choose something for who wants to dress like a Vampire Queen (and don't forget to wear your fangs!????)????????"

What About You ?

What are your plans this Halloween ? Have you decided on an outfit already ? Let us know in the comments below !