The gothic subculture started in the United Kingdom during the early 1980s, initially developed by fans of gothic rock and emerging from the Punk scene. You probably know that already !

The gothic subculture has changed and evolved through the years - following the changes in society. Since the 80s, we’ve seen the rise of the Internet and social media, which had an undeniable effect on all alternative subcultures. It’s now easier to get in touch with like-minded people, discover interesting subcultures, music genres and aesthetics...

So, you might have been wondering…

What is it like to be “ a goth “ in 2021 ?

Do all goths share the same views on what it means to be part of the gothic subculture ? 

Today, we’re bringing you the answer.

We’ve asked four gothic aficionados to answer the question “ What’s it like to be goth in 2021 ?”. Discover their point of view below !


NAAGINI says...

“To me being Goth in 2021 is very difficult as a person of color. I barely find people of my ethnicity represented in the subculture.

I often get told that I don’t belong or that I’m not Goth enough because I don’t fit the stereotype. I’m hoping that eventually people will realize that you don’t have to look a certain way to be Goth.

Goth is about the music ,but it's also about being yourself and expressing yourself. I like that in 2021 Trad Goth isn’t the only type of Goth anymore and that people are creating their own aesthetics within the subculture. It’s great seeing people introduce new ideas to the subculture.”


“To be goth in 2021 is...

1st: Try to never dishonor your subculture. It's worth a lot. Don't do things without thinking twice.

2nd: Strives for perfection in everything.

3rd: Show your individuality not only by your external signs, but also by your actions.”


“Being goth in 2021 means one of the last ways to feel aesthetic & free, like a gentleman.”

LUNASITH says...

“To wear goth in 2021 for me means being free and fine with myself. I accept what I am and where I go. It’s a chance to be whatever we want, and gothic can be very various. We can wear nugoth, gothic lolita, steampunk, techwear, victorian and many more options. More elegant, or more rebellious. All these kinds of gothic are so inspiring and badass to my eyes. "

So.. now we’re asking you the question. What does it mean to be goth in 2021, for you ? 

Let us know in the comments !

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