Ready to become a PunkRave official retailer?

Thank you for your interest to carry our brand. It will be more interesting for you to get items without going through intermediaries.
We are developing our activity worldwide and offering the lowest prices for our new partners. Two partnerships can be set:


Fast process: less than 7 days +++

Minimum order value: YES,

Payment methods: bank transfers or credit card payments,

Shipping: best rates with DHL / FEDEX. To be noted that we have no margins on shipping fees,

Samples: we will be happy to ship a few samples to let you discover the quality of our clothes and the efficience of shipping transporters!


Fast process: orders shipped the day after if placed before midnight,

No minimum order value

Shipping: unique rate per item shipped with DHL.

Parcel monitoring: we keep on monitoring your parcels with our automated tools until delivery is successful!

Payment methods: usually credit card payments.
To be noted that some customers prefer to make a big payment and ship packages from their balance.

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