What to wear for World Goth Day ? - PART I

World Goth Day is coming up on the 22nd of May and it’s time to get your Goth on. Whether you’re more of a victorian or a trad goth, mark the date in your calendar to celebrate all things dark & mysterious.

We've talked to some of your favorite gothic influencers to talk about gothic culture, world goth day and fashion... so if you're a gothic culture lover, keep reading !

What is World Goth Day ?

World Goth Day is a day when fans of all things gothic, from music to fashion and beyond, come together to celebrate the goth scene as a whole. All aspects of the goth subculture are celebrated, from gothic fashion to music and art, with members of the goth community hosting gothic fashion shows , art exhibitions and of course some musical showcases. 

So now that you know all about this big event, the question is… What will I wear for the occasion ?

Dive deep into what you love most !

The gothic culture is so multifaceted, with its array of styles with their different codes - maybe World Goth Day is the day to go back to your roots and express through your outfit  what drew you to being a goth in the first place.

“The gothic subculture contributed to what kind of a person I am today. I am fascinated by sensitivity and looking for beauty where it seems to be absent. I have always liked vampires, snakes, dragons, bats, that is, everything in the "mainstream" is considered repulsive and associated with evil.” - Blue Astrid

 We’ve asked a few gothic fashion bloggers to tell us what they like most about gothic fashion, see their answers below !

What do you love most about the gothic subculture ? 

“ [ What I like most is ] darkness, elegance, style often referring to bygone eras (Renaissance, Victorian, and even the Middle Ages).” - Blue Astrid

If, like Blue Astrid, you’re more of a romantic goth - meaning you have interest in elegant dark clothing inspired by historical eras, you’ll love floor-length dresses such as the Shadecrown Dress and ornate corsets like the Lioncourt Corset. Don’t hesitate to go all out with delicate lacy gloves and a detailed umbrella, after all, this is the day to dress up !

“ I love the empowerment that Gothic fashion gives you.” - Cherrylips.cherry

Gothic Fashion is definitely a way to step out of the box and express yourself in style : if, like Cherrylips.cherry, you’re on the daring and want to go out of your comfort zone, what about trying out a fetish goth look ? The Masochism Top
will go wonderfully with the Meteora Pants  for a sleek, shiny and head turning look !

Accessorize !

If there’s one day in the year where you can go crazy and wear all your favorite accessories at once - it’s World Goth Day. “ I adore belts, chokers and gloves. “, mentions Cherrylips.cherry. We’re sure you do,too. 

So, which accessories are you going to wear for the big day ? 

Harnesses are a wonderful way to bring some edge to any outfit - if you’d rather be comfy and casual during the day but you want to goth up your outfit for the night, they are your best bet : check out the Hotgoth Harness & the Warrior Within Harness . 

Headpieces & hats are often seen as a thing of the past in mainstream fashion, but in the gothic subculture, they’re an absolute statement. Express your cybergoth fantasies with the Sinister Commissar Hat or become a Streampunk princess with the Farewell Letter Hat!

What about gloves ? Sleek and deliciously dark, gloves will make your outfit effortlessly elegant. How about the Acid Bat Gloves or the Aerial Feathers Gloves.

What about you ?

How are you going to celebrate World Goth Day ? What are you going to wear ? Let us know in the comments !

Stay tuned for PART II to discover what your favorite gothic fashion bloggers will wear for World Goth Day...

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